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Our Promotional Methods

We attract potential buyers through Native Ads, Social Media and Organic searches by presenting them relevant Ads according to their interest.
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Connect with readers
from all over the globe.
Our audience is made up of many different types of buyers, from fashionistas to eco-friendly advocates, tech geeks and garden rookies. With us you’ll be sure to find new shoppers waiting to get their hands on our product reviews to make their lives easier.


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What We Do

We select and review thousands of products from the internet to hand-pick the very best for our journalists to write recommended articles about. This in turn, helps our readers save precious time while also making a much more informed purchase.

Why We Do It

Our guided articles help buyers save time while making purchase decisions they won’t regret. Our guided articles also help Advertisers boost their revenue by reaching ideal audiences that buy their products or services.

How We Do It

Our publishers are distincly unique from eachother, and they all aim to help different audiences, this diverse eco-system allows us to better reach highly relevant audiences with our guided recommendation articles.

Buyer's Journey

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Choose a product
to highlight


Our experts write
about your product

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Shoppers read an
in-depth product review

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They click on an offer
that takes them to
your site

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Shoppers make an
informed purchase
on your site


UFFmag is trendy and original articles that keep readers entertained through a variety of verticals viewed thousands of people across the world, every day.

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Product Reviews to save customers time and money! Our team curates thousands of online products to hand pick… you guessed it, the top 3!​

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High-quality product recommendation articles connecting with high-end potential customers, building brand awareness and improving sales. ​

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We make tech easier because it makes life easier. Our tech advice is intended to point you in the right direction before making a purchase. We’ll do the research, while you do the shopping.​

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Customers are looking for the best discounts on the internet, they are no longer willing to pay full price, they are entirely focused on saving money. ​​

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Founded to assist, inspire, and entertain tourists interested in broadening their horizons by providing practical advice on where to travel and how to organize their next trip.

Great. Better. Best.

We offer Advertisers 3 types of recommendation articles to guide buyers into the right purchase.



The starting point for all brands. Articles created to highlight specific products with a short description talking about why you need it.


Articles created around a theme in which we highlight 5 products and brand in a more detailed way.


Articles created for our top advertisers, where we mention the brand and several products in a single article.

Zero Financial Risk

Pay Per Results, all our Publishers work under CPS and CPA business models, meaning there is no financial risk, advertisers only pay us after we deliver results.

Over 700 brands have trusted us thus far

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